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Catering & Event Planning

Contact our chefs and see how they can create an occasion to remember.

Terps & Flowers Catering provides clients with a diverse selection of menus using only the freshest produce. We pride ourselves in providing high-quality hospitality, delicious, and artfully designed cuisine, we only serve quality ingredients for the freshest and tastiest vegan food. We cater small to large events please contact us for sample menus. Or feel free to contact us to create your own custom menu for your personalized special event.

Donation Meals 

Our Chefs created a system to have plans for our catering service to donate back to our community during this time of Two pandemics. We are going to collect donations and have periodical food donations to those in need, our community base in LA is first. We are working on a plan to help those in the Bay Area as well.

Herbs and Condiment


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